Why I’d never keep a pet!

People who have dogs, cats or any other animal as pet know better how beautiful and easy it is to love an animal and share their lives with them, even better than humans sometimes as humans are the most complex creature than any other species on the planet. With the amount of expectation, conditioning and understanding come along while maintaining relationships with humans, it isn’t the same case with animals. In short, one could experience unconditional love easily with pets when it compares with humans.
Though for quite a few people, having a pet has become a status symbol and not to forget the business humans are having by breeding and cross-breeding dogs to make them look more beautiful and appealing to the masses and generating huge revenue. The blog simply reflects my understanding and decision of not wanting or having a pet in my life.

I have never been comfortable with animals, not even baby animals like puppies and kittens as I never had any pet or any interaction with animals in my childhood. Now, the hesitation is still there. I get scared of animals easily while people can cuddle, hug, kiss dogs, cats, even rats or any pet for instance.

I thought of having a puppy (buying or adopting) someday so that I’d become a little comfortable with animals. I’d love to befriend animals and share the same space someday. I’d love to know and understand them, it wonders me how people could communicate with animals and vice versa, know what they need, animals could identify when the family member comes home. How amazingly they could make connections whereas we humans tend to hesitate to talk to the people we come across and even if we trust someone, it could easily be broken. I’d love to have a relationship with an animal, maybe I could learn something or it would make me more happy, kind, warm-hearted and I could share my love. But the hesitation is such if I don’t domesticate an animal I might not be able to experience these thoughts. So, at least in this life, I’d let it go. Why?

Most of the people have one dog at home. If I was left with another species whole my life, with very less interaction with humans, no matter how much they loved me, how amazing and comfortable my life was, I’d still want to spend my life with humans. So, if the dog became a pet, whole life he’d stay with humans with very less interaction with his own species. If one was given the choice, I feel every species would want to live with their own species, correct? Then, the whole idea of having a pet did not interest me at all. I’d be okay living my whole life without being comfortable with animals around.

The moment I explored and analyzed the idea of domesticating an animal and deciding the purpose of his/her life made me realize, it is my want, not my need. So, I could live my whole life the same way I have ever lived. I’d still practice love and compassion, and Veganism by reducing my actions which require the use of animals and contributing towards the things that require no animal use.

By no means, I would judge people who keep animals as a pet, this small piece is a promise as well as a reminder for me in future and maybe it would make sense to someone else out there too.

Let me know your feedback, opinions, ideas, suggestions in the comment section or at I need your motivation to continue. If you wish to read more of the Vegan Blog here is the one on ‘Animal use – A vessel to practice Veganism‘ which would be similar to this understanding.

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