If it's not good enough for your eyes, why is it good enough for your stomach? - Gary Yourofsky​

Vegan Blog - quote 2

My understanding has widened, my knowledge has improved, maturity made me wiser. I welcome the new found information, reasons, understanding, ideas on Veganism without needing to with-hold my previous beliefs, notions, concepts and experiences. I try to incorporate my new information into my actions if it makes sense.

The statement – using an animal for human benefit – makes sense to me. it gives me a vessel to judge whether my actions are taking me to towards practicing Veganism or towards exploitation of animals.

You know the cortisol hormone, the ego, the defense mechanism, the conditioning – Damn human psychology! so complex. As everyone has a different level of sensitivity, some understand the language of love, some `need a gun to be pointed at them’. In the end, some strategies work, some won’t.

The moment I explored and analyzed the idea of domesticating an animal and deciding the purpose of his/her life made me realize, it is my want, not my need. I’d be okay living my whole life without being comfortable with animals around.

Veganism made me a better person. It helped me grow spiritually. Practicing Veganism was the most important decision in my spiritual journey. The experience of being Vegan taught me patience, my relationships improved, my temper reduced, I became aware of everything I was doing consciously and I felt peace inside. You know how? Because my thoughts started to align with my actions. When your thoughts say one thing and your actions reflect the opposite, your overall being simply cannot be at peace.

And of course, Veganism gave me my first book too –  ‘Conversations with Vegan‘.

Let me know your feedback, opinions, ideas, suggestions in the comment section or at love@anatman.in. I need your motivation to continue.

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