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True Nature

We drink a clean transparent liquid, two atoms of Hydrogen and one atom of Oxygen, without which we can’t even survive for a couple of days. WE CALL IT ‘WATER!’

It rained cats and dogs today. What is rain exactly? – WATER

If water is accumulated in a small area of land, we call it Pond, but what exactly it is? – WATER

If the area of accumulated water is extended, it becomes river. but what it is? – WATER

If we extend it further, then sea and then ocean. but what are they? – WATER

Do you see clouds, do you feel humidity, how about snow-capped mountains, wait a second, what’s is in the ‘whiskey on the rocks’? Ice cubes. Nope. We call one substance with so many different names in order not to get confused with states of matter. But is it really solving the confusion? We all know that everything mentioned above is WATER but how often we realise it and be aware of their true nature, that is WATER. It is one thing and we have made numerous things out of one. We actually forget to see things as they are – In a simple manner, in its original state. We have only made things complicated. Perhaps, that is why common sense is not very common.

We are looking everything in the world with the same perception. Be it ideas, opinions, emotions, feelings, birth, life or death. You name it. We have made categories, classifications, assigned different names to actually one thing. And this perception is resisting us from looking at the true nature.

You know how much deep this perception has gone into us. We have made this whole big planet into categories to sub-categories to furthermore divisions. First all living beings and non-living beings, then different species where there are plants, animals, birds and so-called ‘most intelligent’ and ‘superior species’, humans. We, humans, are the boss here. It doesn’t end here. The world is divided into continents where one is Australian, another is European and some are Asians. Asian are either Chinese, Japanese or Indian. There are ‘White people’ and ‘Black people’. Where one is Hindus another is Muslims. One believes in Allah, other in Jesus, or someone who does not believe in anyone, we call him ‘an Atheist’. We have names for everyone and everything. And rightly so, we need identification. This should solve the confusion, but is it really doing that? Isn’t the War happening because of this categorisation? Isn’t the racism happening because of this perception? ARE WE REALLY SEEING AND UNDERSTANDING THE THINGS AS THEY ARE OR ARE WE RESTRICTING OURSELVES FROM SEEING THE TRUE NATURE OF THE THINGS AND OUR TRUE NATURE?

What is my true nature?

I try to see things as they are, without any judgment, without putting them into categories, without labeling them how I have been taught. I have experienced all sorts of emotions – hatred, fears, anger, jealousy – but none of them felt good. I feel ecstatic, over the moon, satisfied but none of them comes naturally to me. The absence of judgment eliminates jealousy, hatred, and anger in me towards someone. Neither, wins could make me happy, nor loses could make me sad. But there is a constant emotion which comes naturally, which feels blissful, which I want to experience more and more, which is abundant. The more I give, the more I have, the more I get, the more I give. It’s the warmth of my mother’s hug, it’s the borrowed shoulder I can cry on, it’s the passionate touch of someone’s lips to mine. I have come to realise and understand that my true nature is LOVE. And I know it’s yours too, but I leave you to find out yours by seeing things as they are. So, what is your true nature?

No doubt about that the love is truly the nourishment for soul. Try to live without it and see the difference. It explains by none other than the ‘happiest man on planet’, Matthieu Ricard, see his TED Talk here. Here are some of his books that I loved and inspired me to write this blog. Or click if you wish to see the whole Library of wisdom?

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6 thoughts on “True Nature

  1. Amigo,

    Your posts always touch my heart and I am glad there are people like you in our society, who are helping in reminding us that there is only and only one thing in this world, which is true and that is Love.
    Keep enlightning us and reminding us humanity


  2. It is indeed a great lesson for people who categorize the things, the people, the county, the cast. One Being, one world, one religion humanity.

  3. It’s beautifully written. Every word makes sense and it’s so too the point. I loved what you have written, this Is the reflection of your soul. Keep creating magic.
    More light to you.

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