“Because the opposite of what you know, is also true”

The book of alternatives is the series of blogs about exploring different aspects of life; embracing the duality and dichotomy; To be aware that there is always the other side of the coin.

We see only one side of the coin at a time and believe that it is the only truth. We tend to forget that there is always the other side too, which we neglect due to our ignorance, attitude, pride or EGO. Let us embrace the fact that the world we are in holds that it is possible for two apparently contradictory truths to exist simultaneously in the same space – ‘The divine dichotomy.’

If someone were to tell me that the sky is green and I believe it to be blue, I see no need to tell them that they are wrong, nor to try and feel superior by making them inferior. I simply walk away from that experience with the newfound knowledge that to some people the sky looks green… and that’s okay. Regardless of the reason for our different perspectives, the blueness of my sky is not threatened nor jeopardised by how green someone else perceives it to be. – Beautifully explained by my brother Timber Hawkeye!

A promise to me

The more I reflect on my actions, the more I would want to be conscious and aware while actually doing it, as if a third person is watching neurally and guiding me to act the way I should be to express who I am and who I want to be. 

Piece of cake for life
Piece of cake!

But if someday the cake is spoilt, you know that you can always start over the next day and make it better.

S.N. Goenka
VIPASSANA MEDITATION - My experience of 10 days course!

Vipassana is a complete meditation technique taught by Buddha in order to liberate yourself from the birth and death cycle, and find Moksha. You have train your mind to be sensitive enough to feel subtlest of the sensations in your body. And the most important, you have to be equanimous towards them. 

Chemistry of Emotions

Ever wondered why some people cry easily and some don’t? Why some have fear of heights and some can dive straight from the sky? Why some are short-tempered and some as cool as cucumber?

Buddha on the road

Buddha said ‘To make an unenlightened person understand what is enlightenment is as same as making a blind man understand what is light.’


We drink a clean transparent liquid, two atoms of Hydrogen and one atom of Oxygen, without which we can’t even survive for a couple of days. WE CALL IT ‘WATER!’


When people see things as beautiful, ugliness is created; when people see things as good, evil is created; being and non-being produce each other; difficult and easy complement each other…..


Every one sees either WHITE or BLACK, but no one tries to understand and embrace GREY, which is neither white nor black, in other words, mixture of Black and White.

ENOUGH! - enough said!

The best way to understand how much is ENOUGH is to BE GRATEFUL to the things you have, to appreciate the PRESENT, not to be too much worried about the future.

Reading a bliss
Reading- 'A bliss'

Words are dead on a piece of paper unless the reader gives them life. The best part about reading is it keeps you in the present moment. Reading doesn’t come naturally to some people. It takes a bit of effort.

Namaste! These are few samples of the articles/blogs/stories that I am currently working on in order to publish them as a book ‘The book of Alternatives’ in future so that it reaches to the masses.  

If you find value in any of these blogs, please, let me know – any feedback, opinions, ideas, suggestions in the comment section or at I need your motivation to continue. 

My personal favorite is ‘Chemistry of emotions‘. 🙂

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