Tell a story, not opinions!

As People choose a Vegan lifestyle for various reasons, thus, the clash of opinions, debates, heated arguments are bound to happen. Thus, some of us continue to use products tested on animals, ride on them, contributing to zoo’s and circuses or any tradition that uses animals – the Hindu wedding, groom rides a mare to reach to the wedding destination. Most of the people concentrate on food as a primary factor/aspect while turning Vegan and rightly so as the majority of the exploitation of animals happen due to food, somewhere around 90-95% is not more. But being 100% vegan is possible? Can we create a world where no humans’ actions exploit animals at all? Definitely, it is. Humans are capable of anything. There is always a scope for improvement, it might take generations to create it and we might not even live to witness the world every vegan hope for. For some, it’s impossible, just by seeing the reality of the world and not even a glimpse of a perfect world is possible; but few are definitely hopeful.

The activism is growing day by day, social media is on a roll, access to information is a child’s play. Activists are pulling their socks to educate people. But the problem is as we are dealing with humans, immensely complex creature, it is difficult to deal with them, as not everyone has the same reasons that led them to choose a Vegan lifestyle, it is very difficult to keep everyone on the same page. People become preachy, forcing theirĀ opinions into someone else’s throat thinking they are correct in the name of stating the fact.Ā They are likely to indulge in a heated discussion, fights, offensive arguments etc – You know the cortisol hormone, the ego, the defense mechanism, the conditioning – Damn human psychology! so complex. As everyone has a different level of sensitivity, some understand the language of love, some `need a gun to be pointed at them’. In the end, some strategies work, some won’t.

Practicing Veganism does have so many possibilities but we have to acknowledge everyone is not the same and we donā€™t live in a perfect world. We have to keep analyzing our actions every now and then. Some can go vegan overnight, some go slow – one cup of tea at a time, some go back and forth – craving for that one thing every time which is the hardest to give up. Everyone has their own pace and levels of sensitivity. Thus, what is okay for one person might not be okay for another at the same time but as veganism a practice, one keeps on taking a step at a time and reduce the contribution from his/her side towards animal abuse.

It makes sense neither to encourage a potential Vegan to take baby steps nor to give upĀ everything overnight. Let them decide how they want to do the transition, letĀ them do the hit and trial for themselves, let them fail and start all over, let them ask for your help, don’t tell them your opinion rather tell them your story – story of your experiences, your feelings, your understanding and at the end, I bet you the transition will happen and it will be a permanent one. Their thoughts will be completely aligned with their actions. Then they will tell their story and there will be other stories.

The purpose of this article is to notice and be aware that only the people we are dealing with, who are non-vegans, have the capability to reduce the demand. The moment we acknowledgeĀ it, we become much more understandable and polite towards them rather than hating them for taking part in the abuse and killing.

Let me know your feedback, opinions, ideas, suggestions in the comment section or at I need your motivation to continue. If you wish to read more of the Vegan Blog here is the one on ‘Practicing Veganism‘ which is the basic understanding of experiencing veganism on a day to day for me.

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