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Reading- ‘A bliss’

Words are dead on a piece of paper unless the reader gives them life.

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Yes, it’s the eyes, the brain, the mind, the imagination which gives the words life. Language is beautiful, impossible to imagine a life without the language. No speaking, no writing – just a few signs that you had accumulated over a period of time to express your internal narnia of emotions, thoughts, ideas, dreams, desires. So one of the biggest evolution for humans would be the ability to speak and write. Now, we actually convert our thoughts and emotions to a language to understand it better, it keeps on happening in our mind. We keep on translating our thoughts into a language.

Reading doesn’t come naturally to some people. It takes a bit of effort. We prefer watching something be it video, a movie, a documentary as that has a commentary for the ears, visualisation for the eyes, acting of emotions of a character. Videos are alive. Words are dead. While reading, it’s us who have to do the hard work, it’s us who have to think, imagine and interpret. It’s us who give life to that black ink spread on the white paper in a certain way that makes sense to our brain. Reading is harder than listening and watching something. But is it worth?

The best part about reading is it keeps you in the present moment.

You simply cannot read unless you focus on the words, understand the whole sentence and make a picture of it in mind. Watching, or listening others can be overwhelming, you might feel a flood of emotions as you perceive it through your senses of sight and hear. Reading can be soothing, calming, a bliss, an escape but still being aware in the present moment.

How many people who we think of as intelligent, as successful, as influencers actually read a lot? All! Yes, every single successful person would recommend reading.

If you have read but thought that’s not your cup of tea, probably, you are not reading the correct stuff. We all have our preferences, choices, likes and dislikes. Even in school, wasn’t there one particular subject that you enjoyed the most and the other you hated and couldn’t understand? Start reading about the stuff you like. We all daydream, sometimes, every time. Be aware of the things that you dream, think, understand, wish to talk about. Read about it. Be it love, romance, sci-fi, mystery, biographies, spirituality, nutrition, bodybuilding, whatever. If you read about the things that you usually think about, not only you will enjoy it but would get better and grow in that area too.

reading a bliss

Life is too short to experience everything in this world. Reading someone else’s experience will make you understand life better. If the parents tell a child not to run too fast, he might fall but he doesn’t listen. When he actually falls, he experiences that falling isn’t good. Then only he becomes careful, isn’t it? So, you don’t have to learn only from your experience, you can learn from someone else’s too. It gives you the opportunity to expand your horizon of experiences and put yourself in someone else’s shoes too.

It expands your imagination beyond the realm of reality. It lets you dream, even if it seems impossible at first.

I have never been an ardent reader and a selective one. When I started reading about the stuff that I pondered usually, the reading came to me naturally. And then one after the other, the books became a wonderful companion and guide. If you would like to know more about the books that inspired me initially click ‘Book Blog‘ to read my journey with these books. Else click ‘Library of wisdom‘ to get pick any and get inspired.

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Happy reading!

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