All the concepts are somewhat hazy, in fact, everything in the world is debatable; no beginning no end – The egg and chicken riddle, consciousness, the concept of God, spirituality, the concept of infinity, quantum mechanics etc.
It’s up to us how much we want to analyze. Everyone seems to have their own truths, beliefs, ideas and notions, and everyone is right in their own way or according to them at least.

Practicing veganism - main

I turned Vegan a few years ago. Back then, I knew Veganism only from my experience and from few blogs/articles on the internet. I had my own understanding, beliefs, reasons to change my habits, take responsibilities for my actions and live a Vegan lifestyle. I had my own definition of Veganism. After reading endlessly about vegan products and non-vegan products, observing fellow Vegans, activists and aspiring Vegans on social media (even witnessing heated discussion and clashes of opinions at times), media articles on meat and dairy industries and seeing street activism and Vegan India movement, I realised how vast the concept of Veganism can be, and with endless possibilities. That’s when the term PRACTICING VEGANISM comes to the rescue. It’s like a medical practice. Every day new patients, new symptoms, a new research or new technologies. The more you practice, the more you get better and clearer at it. The reasons due to which I turned Vegan might not be valid now. My understanding has widened, my knowledge has improved, maturity made me wiser. I welcome the new found information, reasons, understanding, ideas on Veganism without needing to with-hold my previous beliefs, notions, concepts and experiences. I try to incorporate my new information into my actions if it makes sense.

Let me tell one of the many examples of the things that I incorporate in my lifestyle and habit – Vegans don’t use leather products, it’s one thing people can avoid easily and no animal has to suffer and die and become our expensive and fancy stuff. Now, there are so many artificial leather products in the market like synthetic, PU, faux leather etc. which are the exact copy of leather. As leather is very expensive material, the majority of people do buy artificial leather products. I prefer not to buy even the artificial leather products. Whenever I think of buying them, I feel I am encouraging the leather industries. I feel as if I am increasing demand for a product that looks like leather, I am showing that I need leather products but I couldn’t afford the original one. If I put in other words, people buy artificial leather because it’s cheap, so, if they become rich, they can afford original leather, then, they would buy them. As there are other materials from which we can make bags, shoes, wallets, belts etc. then boycotting the one looks like leather makes sense to me.

Having said that, even if someone buys artificial leather, he is still Vegan. It’s a reason or understanding that made sense to me and I wanted to incorporate into my lifestyle and practice Veganism by these actions with no intention to make other believe or agree with it. And the journey is still going on, new understanding, actions replace the old one.

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step!

Everyone has a different level of sensitivity, pace, conditioning and temperament. Some could go vegan overnight, some take a few months for transition. I neither encourage baby steps nor now-or-never kind of transitions. That depends on a person completely and one has identified for himself/herself how one could go about it. The important part is to start. For me, even when you start to quit that one cup of milk tea from your diet, you are Vegan or rather practicing Veganism, as no one shall care about the labels whether one should be called Vegan or shouldn’t. The actions do matter, not the labels or someone else’s approval. As long as you are in the journey, that first step every single day takes far, very far – in a place so beautiful where every action of yours are aligned with your thoughts and experiences in order for you to be the besets version of yourself. 

The best way I started practicing Veganism was penning my thoughts down and gradually, I wrote the whole book. If you like it, I am sure you would love my book “Conversations with Vegan“. 

Let me know your feedback, opinions, ideas, suggestions in the comment section or at I need your motivation to continue. If you wish to read more of the Vegan Blog here is the one on ‘Animal use – A vessel to practice Veganism‘ which would be similar to this understanding.

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