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If truth be told - Om swami
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Enlightenment can be highly debatable but among unenlightened people. No one exactly knows the path to reach the highest state of consciousness or even whether there is any such state and is it the ultimate destination where every human is supposed to reach?

I stumbled upon the author’s blogs and articles from where I got to know about his memoir. His blogs, messages and writing are simple, to the point and easily understandable.

There aren’t many who actually write their honest journey to self-realization which is easily available and reaches the masses. So, without further ado, I clicked on the buy button and got the e-book in no time (stupid technology – doesn’t let us practice patience nowadays..:P)

The saying which goes with this book is – THERE IS A TIME FOR EVERYTHING.

Om Swami knew that someday he would give up everything and renunciate himself from the materialistic lifestyle, yet, he pursued his passion for technology, making an annual income of  $250,000 at the age of 20. Building companies from the scratch, failing and starting all over again. When the time was right and he thought he was ready, he gave up everything and left in search of ‘meeting the god’. Though, quite a few rituals and practices performed by him that were mentioned in details (neither most of us are aware of nor interested in), this beautiful story is filled with deep human emotions, inspiration, and insights. If the man has the will, nothing is impossible. 

The part at the end which gave me goosebumps was when he came back to meet his family, after being enlightened. The mother who had given birth and nurtured his body and soul was undecided whether to see him as his own son or as the world knows him now. The son she was searching was long gone and the person who was standing in front of her was, Swami Ji, a monk, an enlightened soul according to the world.

He has written several books and he sends blogs every now and then if you are one of his subscribers. Whenever I get his mail, I knew I would read something profound, and deep. Go for this one, for sure and for his other books which would interest you here.

A memoir, if written with utmost honesty always touch the heart.

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