I asked the lady in the bookstore, "Could you please tell me where is the self-help section?"
The lady said, "If I were to tell you, it would defeat its purpose."


illusions- The adventures of a reluctant Messiah
The adventures of a reluctant Messiah

‘Illusions’ is a tale of a pilot on a journey, both philosophical & spiritual, with the reluctant “Messiah”. This book is a soul discovering exercise that helped both the pilot and myself find a new perspective of life.

Recommended by Samarth Mehta!


Jonathan Livingston Seagull
the most celebrated inspirational fable

Ever wondered what is the purpose of your life? Why are you here? Are you lost and looking for a new path? Written in 1972, more than 50 years later, the wisdom this book imparts about life still holds true today!

Recommended by Samarth Mehta!

The old man and the sea
fascinating tale of struggle, patience and let go

Not sure how to describe it in few words. It is a simple tale yet it feels very deep and open to many possibilities. You can interpret it the way you want to. Every time, you read it, you notice something different and something deep. Emotions and struggle exceptionally put down. I’ll leave it to you to judge the rest when you read.

Seeker - karan bajaj
The restlessness, the endless craving to know the truth, takes us to the unknown

An investment banker becomes yogi in the himalayas.

There are incidents that makes us question to our very existence. The craving and the quest to know the truth and to find the cause of pain and sufferings takes us to the unknown, unimaginable, unlimited possibilities. The author Karan bajaj crafted the journey from an investment banker to the yogi so beautifully that you will find hard to put it down. It is filled with great insights. I loved the ending – you will find the truth when you start living it rather than searching for it.

Karan Bajaj has amazing blogs on writing and meditation too –

The alchemist - Paulo Coelho
Combining magic, mysticism, wisdom and wonder

A collection of books exploring wisdom is incomplete with the Paulo Coelho’s masterpiece. It’s not possible that the person who is into reading hasn’t heard of it. 

In only one line I’ll summarize the book – ‘The treasure resides within us’.

Monk who sold his ferrari - Robin Sharma
Sound advice for spiritual and personal growth

A Fable About Fulfilling Your Dreams and Reaching Your Destiny. Robin Sharma’s this piece was self-published at first in 1997 and then was picked up by HarperCollins which eventually became quite a big hit.
Easy-to-digest life strategies and pearls of wisdom, the book is quite satisfying.

Buddha - Deepak Chopra
A Story of Enlightenment

A fascinating, readable fictionalized account of Buddha’s life, conveniently broken into three sections: the prince, the monk, the Buddha.

 It was written quite well, captivating, and educational. Definitely recommend it for anyone who is interested in Buddhism.
KARAN BAJAJ - Johnny gone down
One of the first fiction books I laid my hand on. It is one heck of a roller coaster ride.

Many say Life is unpredictable with full of Up’s and downs -True. This book is a hell of an example for it. 
So many experiences, twists and turns, emotional turmoil, and the best – the ending, it can’t get better than that as all the pieces fall back together.
This is a must Read for everyone who is in search of something different.
Time Worth Spent!

Be Kind - Pat Zietloe Miller
What does it mean to be kind?