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ENOUGH – enough said!

The word ENOUGH, itself is ENOUGH or Complete! The moment we say it’s enough for me, it stops, means we don’t require it anymore or we can survive with how much we have. Have we ever stopped and wondered how much actually we have something? Do we need more of it? Or acknowledged and be grateful for what we have?


Working 40 hours a week makes you rich, ass-licking gets you a better post, saving money for the future by compensating the present, thinking of a better future, wanting more luxurious trips, wanting more money. Have we ever wondered, we keep on living the same life every day thinking of the future that hasn’t yet arrived or might never arrive unless we stop ourselves, acknowledge and appreciate that how much we have is enough (for today at least). There is nothing wrong with desiring for something better but the moment we think of wanting a better future, we are actually comparing our present situation with the imaginary future. We are telling ourselves that there is something wrong with the present. I don’t want my present to be like this! I want a little more, something better! We are telling ourselves that present is not good enough. We think that one day, the imaginary future will become present and we would love it and enjoy it. But the moment the imaginary future becomes present, we already have a better imaginary future in mind, that stops us from appreciating and enjoying the present, the same present which was our imaginary future and we wanted it so badly.

The best way to understand how much is ENOUGH is to BE GRATEFUL for the things you have, to appreciate the PRESENT and not to be too much worried about the future.

What are you living for? What are you fighting for? What are you afraid of? Wanting a bigger house, a fancier car, more beautiful partner, a better post at job. Every time you want more and gets it, after a while you find yourself at the same place from where you started, yes WANTING MORE! Unless you say it’s ENOUGH! No matter how much you own, you get, you achieve, you conquer, there will always be a person having more than you. Wanting a bigger house, take it, but there will always be someone having a much bigger house than you which will work as a reminder for you to want more. If you have the biggest house in the world, you might not have the fanciest car. If you have the fanciest car too, you might not have the most beautiful girl. If you get that too, there will always be someone much happier than you without having everything that you have, UNLESS YOU PUT AN END TO IT AND SAY ENOUGH!

LOVE, HATRED, GREED, LUST, ANGER, SORROW, PEACE, ECSTACY — Everything in the universe is in abundance, you want more? you get it. But how much you want or need, that’s your choice. Which one you want and which one you don’t? Do you have enough of it? Have we put an end to any one of them?

How many enemies can you handle? How many people can you love unconditionally? Is it necessary to be more greedy, more jealous of the people that possess more than you do, making more enemies and being angry every single day; or do we need to be a little more kind to the people, be more generous, love children more and become much more patient than we are?




The world needs generosity more than power, the world needs kindness more than violence, the world needs love more than hatred, the world needs freedom more than fears, the world needs contentment more than success, the world needs requesters more than commanders. But It’s your choice to say enough to some in order to get another!

The blog was inspired by the book ‘Buddhist Boot Camp’ – summarising the wisdom of Buddhism in two simple words “Be grateful”, one of my favorite books. 

TIMBER HAYKEYE - Buddhist Boot Camp
Be Grateful

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