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We live in a complete DUALITY! There is always a TRUTH, there is always a LIE; there’s always a YES and there is always a NO; there’s always a RIGHT, there’s always a WRONG; there’s always LIFE and there’s always DEATH. You name it and it’s opposite would exist. Day and night, White and Black, Happiness and sadness, short and tall, good and bad, beautiful and ugly, rich and poor!

Why anything independently cannot exist in this world? BECAUSE we are here to experience and to experience something, the opposite of it should also exist! Like if you don’t feel hungry, there is no point eating or even if you eat, you don’t enjoy or experience it fully. If you want to experience good, the bad should exist, else there will be no such thing as good. If you want to feel happy, you got to experience what it’s like to be sad. The opposite of everything has been created by us only in order to experience ‘THAT’ something through our body.

Ever wondered how come two completely opposite things exist at the same time in the world. There is always someone richer than you and always someone poorer than you; there is always someone hold the same opinion, belief, ambition as you do and you will not take long to find someone who disagrees with your opinions, beliefs and holds a completely opposite motive, ambition and understanding towards life.

That’s because humans or rather everyone in this universe have the tendency to forget; if the opposite of something doesn’t exist right here right now, in our thoughts, in this world, we can’t experience ‘IT’. For e.g., if you want to experience being rich, poor should exist, in case no one is poorer than you and no one is richer than you, then, who can feel rich and who can feel poor. So, we forget and then we remember everything by experiencing it and the process goes on. We are not here to learn something which we don’t know or there is a secret which will be revealed after us someday, we are here to remember WHO WE ARE and experience what we already know by experiencing ‘it’ from our body, mind and soul wholeheartedly, by making our own boundaries and then breaking them and make some new ones.

THE OPPOSITE OF WHATEVER YOU KNOW IS ALSO TRUE (for someone in the different circumstances, at the different time).

Let’s dig a little deeper. Spirituality as well as science, when goes deep down to the human emotions, feelings and thoughts, recognise that everything that a human body experience, comes from only two emotions, LOVE and the opposite of love, FEAR. Again DUALITY! In science, they can be called as sponsoring emotions or thoughts which are the base of everything that a human body feel. Our actions, dreams, ambitions, feelings, emotions, thoughts are all generated from either one thing or the other. Thus, to experience Love, fear should exist and the word hatred, which is also known to be the opposite of love, rises up from FEAR only but here the word LOVE, doesn’t mean just about loving and caring a person, animals or a thing, we are witnessing LOVE from a bigger perspective- as a sense of well-being, happiness, peace and total awareness. Our life moves around these two emotions only, and no matter what outside world offers us, we always have a CHOICE to react by either of these two emotions. Happiness, compassion, altruism, caring, patience are some of the feelings sponsored by LOVE whereas sorrow, hatred, anger, jealousy, envy, impatience are generated by the basic emotion FEAR.

By no means, it states that one emotion is better than the other. Both are really important and serve the purpose of experiencing depending on the situation or circumstances. FEAR has been associated with the feelings that we perceive as negative (Hatred, anger or jealousy) but in a situation of fight or flight, it’s the emotion FEAR which gets you out of the problem; our instincts are based on fear. For eg., if you touch a hot iron by mistake, the fear of getting burnt gets you jerk your hand off in a split nanosecond, on the other hand, when someone is mad at you, being angry with him wouldn’t help much but talking calmly and compassionately would surely reduces or eliminates anger which brings him to a certain level where he could be much more understanding.


The idea is to, slowly and steadily, bridge the gap between the two, by being aware of ‘the duality of life’. An enlightened being is neither happy nor sad, neither rich nor poor, neither finds himself or others as ugly nor beautiful. He greets everyone with a smile and treats them with grace and respect. For him, all are equal; no one is above or beneath; no one is better or worse.

I end this post with a beautiful verse from Tao the ching – Lao-Tzu.

When people see things as beautiful, ugliness is created; when people see things as good, evil is created; being and non-being produce each other; difficult and easy complement each other; long and short define each other; high and low oppose each other; The master can act without doing anything and teach without saying a word. Things come her way and she doesn’t stop them. Things leave and she lets them go. She has without possessions and acts without expectations. When her work is done, it is forgotten, that is why it lasts forever.

This verse from Tao Te Ching is very close to my heart. The words are so magical that whenever I read it, I go into a trance, literally, and it is filled with profound wisdom. There are tones of translation of Tao te Ching out there, but the one I have read is amazing. Apart from the book, I came across the youtube channel, ‘Tranquility gateway’ in which they have an audio recording of each verse in English. You can listen to it here.

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