Conversations with Vegan


See beef as a cow, mutton as a goat, lamb as a sheep,  veal as a calf, seafood as crabs, fishes, and shrimps.
Sometimes I wonder if the different names have been assigned for animal flesh to trick the mind. It doesn’t sound violent, just a juicy, delicious image comes in the mind when these names are heard, rather than real animal names.

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To cut the long story short, after staying Vegetarian for nearly two years, one fine morning I was sitting in my living room, holding the mug, staring at the milk tea and I just told myself — “It’s time to quit dairy too.”

While practicing Veganism (and becoming more and more aware of the exploitation of animals by humans, apart from the food) the people around me became curious. Most of them were even unaware of the term Vegan. The more I told them about my reasons of quitting milk and reasons in general, the more I felt that I was not able to tell them enough. No matter how beautifully I put it in words, I felt restless. I wanted them to have the exact experience of what I was feeling, but I always fell short of words. It was more than giving up milk and milk products; it was more than feeling pity for innocent animals. I was changing from inside. That was when I started to jot down my thoughts. Slowly those thoughts became articles and then the fiction story got incorporated around them and eventually it became a book — A conversation between characters which revolves around Veganism.