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Conversations with God – Neale Donald Walsch

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My journey with this book and with the whole series has been incredible and it is still going on. If I have to summarize it in a line, I’d say “it’s the best thing that has happened to me”. The day I laid my hands on this book, it truly has been a life-changing experience for me. Words would never be enough to express my gratitude towards the author, the wisdom and the mediums through which it reached me, and 20 years after it was written. Perhaps, I wasn’t completely ready before to receive the overwhelming wisdom it offers. 

There are nine books in total, first three are the dialogues between the author and the god and rest are to summarise the understanding, wisdom, experience and talk on some crazy and breath-taking topics.

If I start to express my thoughts on the Conversations with God series, I have to write a separate book on it, no kidding, there is seriously so much to share about the incredible insights, inspiration and guidance that the book has given me. So, you read it yourself and I’ll give you a brief about the book:

Neale Donald Walsch was frustrated with his life as nothing was going right for him. He started cursing and venting about his life and existence, that’s when he starting writing a letter to god on his notebook but he did not expect to get answers but he did. A voice was coming to his ears and answering all his questions. He started writing them as if someone was dictating everything to him. He wrote hundreds of pages of the dialogues and that’s how “Conversations with God” was born! I don’t know whether the story is true or not but the dialogues are mind-blowing in the book. There was a moment when I was reading the book number 3 and I realised this piece of tremendous information, understanding and wisdom cannot be possible for a human to write and comprehend, it can only be ‘GOD’.
It is not the kind of book that you can read with a coffee mug on one hand and peeping into the mobile notifications near you. It can be overwhelming, very heavy on mind and hard to digest at times. Just hang in there. The moment you’ll have those WOW moments with the book, it would be hard to put down. It seriously can give you all the answers you are looking for whole your life.
If you feel, you probably aren’t ready to grasp all the wisdom it offers, just keep it with you. Read it once in a while, after a month or a year, it totally depends on you, but don’t forget about it, don’t just stop reading it. Even I felt that I still was not ready to grasp everything that the series has to offer when I was reading the ninth book of the series ‘HOME’. It has been more than 2 years since I started reading it. I read it once in while and when the time is right, who know it gives me that one insight I badly wanted in life.
As I said, I could write a whole book to express my thoughts, perhaps, that’s why I happened to write a book CONVERSATIONS WITH VEGAN, and yes, the title is inspired by Conversations with God.

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