Tell a story, not opinions!

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As People choose a Vegan lifestyle for various reasons, thus, the clash of opinions, debates, heated arguments are bound to happen. Thus, some of us continue to use products tested on animals, ride on them, contributing to zoo’s and circuses or any tradition that uses animals – the Hindu wedding, groom rides a mare to […]


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Two weeks of backpacking in Rajasthan, 5 cities, befriending a dozen of nationalities, hundreds of conversations, never-ending journeys, unexpected experiences and one beautiful crush. Traveling for me is to change the surroundings, give up the routine, allowing yourself to experience something new, something else. A few times, traveling had been a sort of escape also […]

One Selfie Rule!

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One selfie at each attraction, then one selfie for each city, now one selfie for each trip. Why? We don’t need to be told by American Psychiatric Association that taking more than three selfies a day makes you a mental. Mental disorder or not, but one thing is evident that we are obsessed with our […]

Why travel SOLO? Here is why!

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Traveling is beautiful, indeed! The idea of having a trip is to change the surroundings and experience something new, afresh, different, away from the daily routine and same mental chaos. Each trip gives a different experience – be it the craziest and adventurous trips with same buddies every time, or the well-planned trips with family […]


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Do not compare a Trek with a trip to someplace or traveling to the mountains. It’s not a holiday or a vacation. Words like ‘trip’ or ‘vacation’ won’t summarize the trekking experience. If you think trekking is some kind of traveling or sightseeing, you’ll be disappointed…. disappointed? Neah, not exactly, you won’t be disappointed with […]