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Buddhist Boot Camp – Timber Hawkeye

TIMBER HAYKEYE - Buddhist Boot Camp
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My inclination towards Buddhism led me to get to know this amazing person, Timber Hawkeye and his book, Buddhist Boot Camp.

He summarised the wisdom of Buddhism in two simple words “Be grateful”. To make the profound wisdom understandable and interesting to everyone, he started writing emails to his friends and family telling them about his whereabouts and whatever he was learning and understanding for eight years. The book is nothing but one or two page long stories which makes you think hard, gives you a new perspective, tells you how simple it is to be happy and misery is always self-inflicted. And makes you fall in love with the writer. He quit being a monk as he thought he would be of no use to the world if he continued to stay in a monastery. He needed to be out there in the world, like everyone else. One of his friends found his emails very inspirational and advised him to publish them, that was how ‘Buddhist Boot Camp’ was born.

Each chapter is only a page or two long, and you can read them in any order. This book is like a companion to me, I take it along with me wherever I travel. I read it when I am bored, when I am sad, when I feel less motivated, and until now, it has been a very good friend to me.

Timber Hawkeye leads a very simple life and has been my inspiration for a long time. This is a small way to show my gratitude to him. For more awesomeness, visit his website The book has podcast too which is equally soothing. Besides, he has written his memoir ‘Faithfully Religionless’ too.

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