I asked the lady in the bookstore, "Could you please tell me where is the self-help section?"
The lady said, "If I were to tell you, it would defeat its purpose."


Nelson Mandela - Long walk to freedom
Long walk to freedom

A collection of inspirational autobiography is incomplete without this masterpiece.

Long Walk To Freedom is an articulate, touching account of Mandela’s life progressing from his childhood in rural Transkei in 1918 to his inauguration in Johannesburg as the President of South Africa on May 10, 1994. Mandela unearths his accounts of the oppression of the blacks in South Africa and his stance on his concept of armed struggle. The book also showcases his beliefs that all people, white or black, have the right to freedom. 
More than third of Mandela’s memoir talks about his 27 prison sentence – an account that stands solely as a prison narrative. 

The story of my experiments with truth - Mahatma Gandhi
The Story of My Experiments with Truth

This unusual autobiography “The Story of My Experiments with Truth”, is a window to the workings of Mahatma Gandhi’s mind – a window to the emotions of his heart – a window to understanding what drove this seemingly ordinary man to the heights of being the father of a nation – India.

He did not aim to write an autobiography but rather share the experience of his various experiments with truth to arrive at what he perceived as Absolute Truth – the ideal of his struggle against racism, violence and colonialism.

Wings of fire - APJ Abdul Kalam
You have to dream before your dreams can come true

Exactly what the title states, the book is filled with burning desire to dream, dream big and do whatever it takes to make them come.

With an account of his early life, effort, hardship, fortitude, luck and chance that eventually led him to lead Indian space research, nuclear and missile programs, the book is highly motivational. 

One of the most profound learning from Dr. Abdul Kalam is no matter how humble or privileged your beginnings are, no matter how many times you fail to deliver, with the right spirit and belief in your cause will eventually manifest you the results you desire.

Anita Moorjani - Dying to be me
One of the most inspirational stories I have ever read.

Anita Moorjani had a ‘Near Death Experience.’ Her journey from Cancer to true healing will make you cry and happy at the same time. It will inspire you to the core, provoke your deepest thoughts and desires of finding the truth of existence. In this truly inspirational memoir, she articulated her state in a most honest and beautiful way that one can connect to her fears, mental blocks, sufferings to the point where one realises that she was dying – to be herself.

Autobiography of a yogi - Paramahansa Yogananda
Autobiography of a Yogi

A spiritual masterpiece!

An originative text that tells the story of Paramhansa Yogananda, this book has been revered for its memorable, incisive and instructive teachings. This spiritual autobiography will take you on an incredible journey of Indian mysticism and spirituality and deliver humbling, comforting truths about life and existence.

A Better Place: A Memoir of Peace in the Face of Tragedy
A Memoir of Peace in the Face of Tragedy
Her 23-year-old son was gunned down in the broad daylight but that isn’t the thing this book focuses on. It’s not about the revenge or stuff that author wants to change but about the emotional, physical and mental state of her as she tries to accept what has happened
Faithfully Religionless - Timber Hawkeye
Memoir of one of the most amazing person I came across social media

His first book was a masterpiece and this one is personal. If you usually follow and love this guy, it will be an awesome read. If you don’t know him, watch his TED talk here.

“It’s not that I’m against religion, I simply don’t have one (nor do I believe that we need it to be ethical). My faith is doctrine-free, with a definition of God that doesn’t conjure a white man in the sky who dispenses blessings for good behavior and harsh judgments to condemn the bad. That’s because I don’t believe God does that; religion does. You see, faith is a spiritual practice of continually letting go of certainty, of ego, and of the underlying need to know, while religion is a ceremonial tradition of hanging on, clinging to concrete dogmas, stubborn rigidity, and ageless rituals.” Timber Hawkeye.

If truth be told - Om swami
it is a very well documented journey to self realization

The saying which goes with this book is – THERE IS A TIME FOR EVERYTHING.

Om Swami knew that someday he would give up everything and renunciate himself from the materialistic lifestyle, yet, he pursued his passion for technology, making an annual income of  $250,000 at the age of 20. Building companies from the scratch, failing and starting all over again. When the time was right and he thought he was ready, he gave up everything and left in search of ‘meeting the god’.

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