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Be Kind – Pat Zietlow Miller

Be Kind - Pat Zietloe Miller
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There are books that I’ve always imagined to recommend my younger self if I ever get a chance including all the Harry Potters ones but this one book is for the youngest version of me that can read.

Kindness something that we as adults need to be reminded of all the time and this book perfectly captures the essence of that moral with great innocence and beauty making it perfect for the younger audience to not only read and understand but also to carry it in their nature and habits.

Both the author and the illustrator worked keenly on capturing great details and elements of the story-telling to the most innocent and simplest audience. It was short enough for the kids and as an adult, it was something I would have loved to see more of in my childhood. Not only because it gives a lifelong lesson but also because it can be very relatable and is also enjoyable for most of the audience.

Do you have kids in your house? Around your house? Do you know any parents? Do you want to remember your childhood? Do you want to feel innocence and kindness in their purest? Get your hands on this one! And don’t forget to share with everyone you know too.

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