Animal use – A vessel to practice Veganism

Most of the time, people find really hard to identify which actions are taking them towards practicing Veganism and which aren’t. Whether these actions have a direct or indirect impact on the exploitation of animals or not? Should they buy products from the company which also make non-vegan products? Buying products which are tested on animals make sense or not? Or buying products from the company who tests on animals? Is riding on animal fine? Going to zoo or circus is okay? And so on…

Being 100% vegan (where no human’s actions harm animals in any way) is still debatable and rather impossible for few considering the present situation, but being 100% food vegan is definitely possible and that itself is an achievement, as the majority of the exploitation of animals happen due to food, somewhere around 90-95% is not more. Let’s first concentrate on 95% of the problem rather than focusing on rest.

Later, you shall move on from food to other problem that exploits animals. It gets a little tricky – Riding on animals, Using animal for agriculture, Palm oil, animal testing products, even medicines and domesticating animals such as dogs, cats (and what to feed your pets? Vegan food or non-Vegan?) are debatable. Some even say ‘if you are Vegan only for health reasons’, if you are not an activist and not promoting veganism actively’, you are nothing but a hypocrite.

I remember someone mentioned in one of the discussions that animal use is animal abuse. It’s all about justice for animals. Using animals for humans benefits, no matter how nicely we take care of them, is not justified. The moment we decide the purpose of an animal, the abuse is bound to happen, thus, even domestication of animals should not be considered as Vegan.

For some of the people, this may seem extreme; even I thought so at first. No one shall care about the labels whether this should be called Vegan or this shouldn’t be. One thing is certain that everyone’s intention is to reduce the exploitation. Once I analyze and explore the statement further, the statement – using an animal for human benefit – makes sense to me. it gives me a vessel to judge whether my actions are taking me to towards practicing Veganism or towards exploitation of animals.

Now, the actions I take or think whether I should do this or that, contributing towards things that require no animal use and reducing or eliminating things that use animals and animal by-products in some or the other way made my life easier.

Let me know your feedback, opinions, ideas, suggestions in the comment section or at I need your motivation to continue. If you wish to read more of the Vegan Blog here is the one on ‘Tell a story, not an opinion‘ – The purpose of this article is to notice and be aware that only the people we are dealing with, who are non-vegans, have the capability to reduce the demand.

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