Love is my religion, Gratitude is my ritual,

Compassion is my culture, Kindness is my habit,


Anātman‘, a Sanskrit word, refers to the doctrine of ‘Non-Self’ or absence of self.

The doctrine of Anātman is the core teaching of Buddhism according to which self is neither permanent nor independent. What we think of as our self, the “me” that inhabits our body, is just an ephemeral experience.

We tend to bind ourselves with boundaries to define ourselves – a Christian, a Lawyer, a Nationalist, a Singer; short-tempered, very sophisticated, not so intelligent, average looking guy etc.

I am tied in the chains of these boundaries that are not created by me, but by my upbringing, by my religion and by my society. I refuse to accept myself as anything that the world has taught me. If I was someone yesterday- Non-Vegetarian, Stubborn, Religious, Loving, Vulnerable; why can’t I be someone else tomorrow- Vegan, Traveler, Wanderer, Spiritual, Open-minded, Carefree!


We all have been labeling anything and everything – all the matter, phenomena, ideas, beliefs, notions, concepts – in order to make sense and clarity out of it, including ‘ourselves’. What if I tell you, you can be whosoever you wish to, this very moment. All your desires, imaginations and aspirations that have been kept buried inside due to fears, responsibilities or society’s pressure are waiting for you to break all the boundaries of ‘self’ that has been constructed around you and let that ‘imaginary self’ give a try, a try to reveal its wings to fly, with no fear, no restrictions, no boundaries and NO SELF.

Your past guides you, it does not define you!

Give yourself a gift of freedom and choose to define your new self again, and again, and again. Do not associate yourself with your opinions, beliefs and knowledge. They are temporary. They keep on changing automatically unless you cling onto them so hard because of excuses you make every single day. They can be changed, modified, let go of them ‘on your command.’

In the world of ten thousand things, perfectly stated by Lao-Tzu, I choose not to label myself with anything, I choose to create my own boundaries, expanding them, breaking them and making some new, I choose not to restrict my experience but experience the life in abundance, as a whole and to the infinite (exactly the way life is).

In the ABCD of life where B is the birth and D is the death, there is a C in between which is the CHOICE, and thus, I choose to be Anātman.