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‘Think before you speak’, someone must have told you at some point in your life.
There have been times when we react in a manner that we never wanted or intended to. Sometimes we regret later, sometimes we feel that wasn’t ‘me’. Be it craving attention, we react in a manner as if a thousand cameras are keeping an eye on us; be it seeking revenge, we say something with an intention of hurting someone; be it showing smartness; be it impressing someone; be it lying to sneak our way out of trouble. There are thousands of circumstances where we aren’t ‘we’. We aren’t conscious of our actions, speech, and intentions.

A promise to me
The more I reflect on my actions, the more I would want to be conscious and aware while actually doing it, as if a third person is watching neurally and guiding me to act the way I should be to express who I am and who I want to be. So, I have promised to myself and kept it as a reminder to practice it in every action that I take in life.

My promise to me

My actions are my responsibility. Anything that doesn’t reflect love, show support, uphold patience, resonate peace, retain calmness and filled with compassion, morality, gratitude, humbleness or contentment is not worth saying, doing, thinking and believing.

Whenever I regret for what I did, I go back to my promise and read it. I hope the day would come when I don’t have come back and read it. The day when this promise would become a lifestyle, a habit and a reality!

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